A Roadmap for Innovative PGM-Related Technologies
Innova Research will publish a new report on platinum group metal (PGM) technology roadmap in emerging technology fields such as renewable energy, CCUS, advanced electronics, among others.
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Innova Research Announced The Opening of Its Vancouver Office
Innova Research announced the opening of its Vancouver office today. The new facility joins the office in Shanghai, and consolidates Innova Research’s presence in North America.
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The Largest Uncertainty of Chinese Fuel Cell Vehicle Market
While the Chinese FCV market is growing rapidly, the possible change of the subsidy policy becomes the largest uncertainty for future expansion, as government subsidies still play a critical role to prompt the adoption of FCVs...
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The Chinese Graphene Market Grew Over 14 Folds from 2014 to 2017
The Chinese graphene market revenues were estimated to grow over 14 folds from approximately RMB 8.7 million in 2014 to RMB 127 million in 2017, according to a market research report, entitled “The Chinese Graphene Market - 2018 Edition”, recently published by Innova Research...
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Keynotes at 2018 International Graphene Industry Development Forum
Innova Research was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the 2018 International Graphene Industry Development Forum held on January 29th - 30th in Beijing. Organized by Zhongguancun Graphene Industry Association, the forum attracted hundreds of graphene researchers and industry players around China.
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Innova Research Identifies the Top 9 Graphene Trends for 2018
Innova Research recently summarized the top 9 emerging trends in the world of graphene for 2018 and beyond. These include the graphene market trends, technology evolution, the development of downstream graphene applications, and the graphene industry standards and regulations, among others...
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Innova Research Identifies the Top Seven Graphene Trends for 2017
Innova Research recently released the top seven emerging trends in the world of graphene for 2017 and beyond. These trends cover the technological evolution, the standards and regulations, the industry value chain integration, and the development of downstream graphene applications...
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Innova Research to Speak on “Graphene in Automotive Applications”
The adoption of graphene-based materials in the automotive industry is still at its infancy and few sizable deals have been observed. However, Innova Research believes that some graphene-enabled automotive applications are getting closer to scaled adoption...
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Chinese Graphene Players To Shift Their Focuses
In the next few years, the focuses of Chinese graphene policy makers, industry players, researchers and related investors are shifting to seek promising graphene applications with good market prospects, rather than to grow the graphene production capacity in China...
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Chinese Graphene Market Revenue Jumps More Than Tripling
The Chinese graphene market revenue for 2015 was estimated at $6.1 million, a 335.7% jump from the estimated $1.4 million for 2014. Significant progress has been made on the adoption of graphene in a number of industrial applications in 2015, including ...
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High Value-Added Applications Are Driving the Mass Adoption of Graphene
Innova Research will soon publish the 2016 edition of the world graphene market report series, entitled “Turning Great technology into Great Profitability – The Global Graphene Market Update 2016”. One of the focuses of the report is to spot the most promising graphene applications towards large-scale adoption...
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Overcapacity in Graphene Industry
In a short term, the global graphene market is suffering from severe overcapacity. As a result, industry consolidation and restructuring are expected to happen in the next few years...
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Chinese Graphene Market Is Projected to Grow at A 70.9% CAGR
Innova Research believes that energy storage will be the fastest growing graphene application segment in China for the next five years, considering that China is one of the largest electric vehicle markets in the world, and...
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