Innova Research Announced The Opening of Its Vancouver Office
Innova Research announced the opening of its Vancouver office today. The new facility joins the office in Shanghai, and consolidates Innova Research’s presence in North America.
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The Growth of Chinese PaaS Platform is Accelerating
The growth of PaaS platforms in China is accelerating, and these platforms are mainly launched by two types of the developers, namely leading industry players and leading internet of things companies. PaaS in the former category include “COSMOPlat” developed by Haier...
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Consulting Project to Accelerate Industry Internet adoption in Kunshan
In China, it has become a national strategy to use industry internet and the relevant technologies to upgrade the manufacturing industry. While the development of industry internet is still at an early stage in China, the growth potential is large. Market opportunities exist for the players in the industry value chain globally...
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Innova Research Identifies the Top 8 Robotics Trends for 2017
Innova Research recently released the top 8 emerging trends in the world of robotics for 2017 and beyond. These trends covered the market growth, the technology development, laws and regulations for robotics, and the development of new robotics business models...
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Chinese Industrial Robot Market Predicted to Grow to $3.3 Billion by 2020
Innova Research estimated that the Chinese industrial robot market worth $1.3 billion in 2015, and it is forecasted to grow to $3.3 billion by 2020, at a 19.9% CAGR through the period. This is published in Innova Research's report, entitled “The World Market for Robots – 2016 edition”...
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Signs of Overheating in Robot Industry Parks in China?
By the end of August 2016, 32 robot industry parks had been planned or already set up across China by municipal governments in 14 provinces. The rising of robot industry parks signals that the “replacing human with machines” tide has come to China....
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Growing Drone Sizes Present Opportunities
Innova Research forecasts that the rapid growth of the larger drone shipments will push the shares of mini drones into a decline, ultimately to 77.3% of the total shipments by 2020, despite mini drones are still forecast to maintain their dominance on the global drone market ...
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Autopilot Drone Market Is Forecast to Grow at 30.8% CAGR
In a market research report, entitled “The World Market for Drones – 2015 edition”, Innova Research estimated the world autopilot drone market to worth $73.0 million in 2015 and forecasted this market to grow to $261.0 million in 2020 with a 30.8% CAGR for the period...
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“Logistics & Retails” Remains as a Small Market for Drones
In 2015, the world drone market revenue from “logistics & retails” application segment was estimated at merely USD 7.6 million, less than 0.5% of the total world market revenue for commercial drones in the year, and the segment is forecast to maintain as a ...
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Fierce Competition Ahead for DJI and Other Top Drone Players
The fierce competition from hundreds of new entrants will drive down the average selling prices rapidly in the next few years, and consumer drone will soon become a commodity. On the other hand, the dominance of the top three done suppliers will face strong challenge from hundreds of new entrants...
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The Fastest Growing UAV Applications from Now to 2020
Innova Research recently published a market research report entitled “The World Market for Drones – 2015 Edition”. Based on Innova’s forecast, the global commercial UAV market revenues will grow at a 32.5% CAGR from 2014 to 2020, mainly attributing to ...
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Global Drone Market Predicted to Grow over 5-fold
The future growth opportunities in the drone market are with the commercial segment, mainly due to the rapidly increasing adoption of the drones in various commercial applications, including agriculture & forester, mapping/GIS, and power grid inspection ...
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China’s innovation eco-system is set to improve
While the Chinese government stressed " innovation and "entrepreneurship" as the themes to address the economic growth in next decades, solid progresses are expected to improve the country's innovation eco-system, especially in Shanghai and other major Chinese cities...
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