Electronics and Connectivity

The fact that electronics devices have become smarter leads to large opportunities in sensors, large capacity processors and more powerful software. On the other hand, wireless connectivity becomes a must-have function in more and more electronics devices. The trend of getting everything connected is clear and the markets for smart city and smart home and relevant systems is promising in the next decades. Innova Research’s advanced electronics and connectivity research looks at key technologies such as MEMS sensing and biometrics technologies, emerging devices such as the wearable electronics devices and 3D printers, as well as wireless connectivity technologies, including RFID and Zigbee, as well as more recently emerging ones such as Lifi. Innova Research will identify the technology trends and relevant market opportunities in the above stated fields for our clients.  



Research Areas:

 MEMS Sensors 3D Printing Wearable Electronics RFID
Mobile Payment Biometrics Smart City Smart Home
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