The World Market for Graphene - 2015 Edition

As the next wunderkind material in this millennium, graphene is attracting more and more attentions from investors, academic researchers and industrial players. Graphene has exceptional mechanical, electronic, and thermal properties, enabling itself to be applied in a wide range of applications, including electronics, energy storage, functional composites, biomedicine, coating, among others. As a result, a wave of expansion on graphene production capacity, primary led by Chinese suppliers such as Ningbo Morsh, Xiamen Knano, and Six Element, has been started, created a hype on this novel material in the past few years. On the other hand, global giants, such as BASF and Samsung, are also increasing their investments to explore concrete value proposition for graphene.


This report illustrates the global market landscape on the most promising graphene application fields, namely energy storage, electronics, and functional composites. It provides an up-to-date analysis on the technology and market trends that will have significant influences on the global graphene market over the next five years. The report also presents the market shares for the major graphene suppliers in 2014. Besides, the report particularly focuses on the Chinese graphene market. Detailed company profiles of major global and Chinese graphene suppliers are provided.


Key issues addressed:


- What is the global graphene market size split by application in 2014, and how will the market for each application grow in the next five years?

- Who are the leading suppliers and the key research institutes for various graphene materials, such as graphene nanoplates and graphene film, globally?

- What are the market shares of the leading graphene players in 2014? Do they have any capacity expansion plans in the future?

- What are the major technology collaborations, strategic partnerships, and M&As in the global graphene market to date? what are their influences on the global graphene market in the future?

- How will the new graphene applications evolve in the next five years?

- How large is the Chinese graphene market in 2014 and how will it grow? Who are the leading Chinese graphene players and what are their market shares in 2014?


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