The Global Market for Drones - 2015 Edition

The world commercial drone market is growing rapidly while many early movers, including Dji and SenseFly, are emerging. The drone market becomes even more interesting when global giants, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, Tecent and Alibaba, entered or planned to enter the drone market, and a number of large investment deals to acquire drone technologies were seen in the recent years. Although the future of the drone market is highly undertain due to the big questions around legality, technology, performance, economic benefit and safety, Innova Research believes that these undertainties will be eased and the drone market will bring huge business opportunities in the future.


The report provides an up-to-date, comprehensive description of the commercial drone/UAV market and idntifies technology developments, government policies, and other trends that will influence the drone market over the next five years. The scope of this report covers the unit shipments and revenues from drone hardware, split by each drone type and major geographic region. Forecasts to 2019 are accompanied by qualitative analysis, and the competitive analysis contains market share estimates for the leading suppliers. Besides, the report will also look at the drone industry value chain, identify major chip/semiconductor suppliers to leading commercial drone models. The evolve of drone technologies in the next five years will also be analyzed.


Key issues addressed:


- What was the market landscape for commercial drones in 2014?


- Who are the drone market leaders in 2014? What are their market shares?


- How will the drone technologies evolve in the next five years?


- What's the implications of the regulations for commercial drones in major countries, such as China and USA?


- Who are the key components and semiconductors suppliers for leading commercial drone models?


- What are the applicaion market for commercial drones wth high growth potential?


- How will the drone market grow in the next five years? And why?


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